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[31 Oct 2005|10:01pm]
new lj... check profile
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[30 Oct 2005|12:24pm]
As I leave my journal to waste space, I say this.

You set my heart on self destruct.
Now its 321 boom.

Have you ever wonderd how it feels?
To be dead inside?

Not like a living soul cares.
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WOW. [23 Oct 2005|11:45pm]
So on south park, there was a guy running with a french horn. He was running away from global warming. A french horn people.
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[16 Oct 2005|08:20pm]
Hey, I actually had a great time at North Carolina. Some ugly people at NC tho. Not a single good lookings girl. I'm glad to be back in florida.

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Boringssss town! [12 Oct 2005|06:16pm]
So, I'm going to north carolina for the weekend. It's gonna be soo boring with out my computer.... and with out music to listen to.... All i have is a fishing rod and a camera............. blah. Oh well.... I'm gonna see if i can find a music store in NC to see if i can find a piccolo. Or somthing mmrhmmhrhrhmmm.......plsh.
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Hmm [10 Oct 2005|07:25pm]
I feel like writing a song and crying every time i hear underoath.
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[02 Oct 2005|01:32am]
New layout gits.
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wild hair time.... [01 Oct 2005|01:43am]
So... I never found out what my hair looked like. If felt pretty wild. Now that i think of it... I will never complain about my sister doing her hair... It hurts a lot. Beauty must hurt. Sighs the things I do for band....

Other than my hair... nothing intresting about today...
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[29 Sep 2005|07:00pm]
http://www.music123.com/Gemeinhardt-4PSH-Piccolo-i261265.music a pretty sweet christmas present.
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[22 Sep 2005|05:00pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

So... i reached a new octive on a root beer bottle.

My solo for solo n ensemble is called "Hamburger Sonate". Its a lvl 6 peice whith a rampage of 32 notes o.O. Its pretty fun. The name is pretty fun too. I couldn't stop cracking jokes with miss thrette about the name of the peice. Miss thrette is so cool.'

Anyways, I think I'm getting addicted on Naruto.

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[17 Sep 2005|03:33pm]
I did really really really good at all state. The fact that I was extremally calm helped out a lot. The flutes before me (there were like 6 of them) sucked pretty bad. They rushed, messed up on scales.... some of them didn't even do all 12... did 1/2 notes chromatic....

On the other hand

-Music almost perfect
-Scales - messed up on B scale. Did at least tempo 210. I had about 45 seconds left with 1 3 octeve scale.
-sight reading _blah_
-Did the best chromatic scale i've ever done.

I did way better than the flutes before me. All state tryouts were sucessful. I did better than i thought.
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Yeah... [13 Sep 2005|09:58pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

So, I just today found out I'm a brunette. I have brown hair. I always thought I had black hair.

So I'm looking in the mirrior and bamm I see brown and I'm like wtf?! I run to my mom and shes like "Yeah man, you got brown hair.... word" I'm like "NOOOOOOO!"

The bad part is when people call me white, I can't say "Its geneticlly impossible for a white person to have black hair". Im not white!! I'm "Other"!!

*sighs* the tradgeys of life....

BTY I'm one of the lucky few who's all state adution is early in the morning. 9:50. The morning after the football game. I require sleep people on weekends. But meh, Kip has worse. I'm gonna see if I can hitch a ride with him. Cuz Kip and I are like brothas.

One more thing, Mister L's speech was deep. He should include on his next lexcure that some kids are going on the trip that can't afford it. So we don't want to waste their money that they don't have and if we are not going to do a good show for our selfs, do it for them.

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:( [05 Sep 2005|02:13pm]
[ mood | In pain. ]

So... I have a lvl 1 fractured tooth. I can't play flute... It hurts too much. What you think mister L is gonna say?...

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the pain [04 Sep 2005|12:02am]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

So i fell off my bike face first onto the road. Every time i go biking with emily, i get killed. So remind me not to go with her. I had to get stitches on my chin. 6 stitches that is. I waited 5 hours at the doctors bleeding intensley. I think i have like... 2 white blood cells... It hurt so badly getting your wounds stabbed with a needle to get it numbed. It still hurts v_v... A lot.
(I'll spare you the details.)

My family got me a card that said "Larry's plan to completly cover his butt by wearing the hospital gown backword proven to have one little flaw" The hospital gown had a hole where the butt was. So you can guess what happened when he weard it backwords. I laughed a lot.

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[01 Sep 2005|09:16pm]
So my last private lesson was the biggest waste of 25 bucks... All state excerpts = perfect... She did'nt help on scales. Just lexured me on that i should have learned Db 3 octeves before D. Biggest waste of 25 bucks.

So I made a new friend. Shes really cool.

Now that i think of it like 3/4 of my friend's are girls... lol.
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This is not right. [31 Aug 2005|08:58pm]
[ mood | shocked ]

It's so sad to see. All these victims of katrina. It's so sad to see that all these people are giving distress singals over the news, and nobody knows because they don't have power. The cops don't know what to do, the people don't know what to do. People are starving. People are dieing. The military needs to get more involved. There needs to me more actions taking place. There are people in the projects dieing of exchaustion. Of induries. Of dyhydration. Hours apon hours in line for food, water, and ice. Some people wait in line, whail their family on their roof's are dieing, and still don't get what provisions they need. People are scared. Something needs to get done.

There was a man that was saying - "You know, we get called idiots for not leaving our houses. But we have family at our houses that can't leave. that are old and sick. how the hell are we supposed to transport a 90 year old woman."

Next thing i saw was a child, in his mom's arms with his eyes closed and his head on her breast. they were sitting down and she was putting a milk carten on his face. he had a fevar. he was dieing. it's people like him that need help. Little kids that have futures ahead of them, but will no longer be because of katrina.

I also herd about gun fights with looters. Thugs harassing people on the street. The police were saying "where the hell am I supposed to put people like these in? what jails? there are no jails. People are roming around looting and stealing things. My car is filled with thugs as it is."

Something right needs to be done right about now.

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[31 Aug 2005|08:02pm]
I deffintly wore girl pants to the peraid.... I got over that about the time michelle told the whole buss. Amber was like "don't worry dennis, you look hott in those." I don't own anything that gose below 1 inch uder my knee. I still ware shorts during the winter. It was so uncomfortable. I hate pants.
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Wow. Cool! [28 Aug 2005|02:24am]
[ mood | tired ]

The football game was amazing. It was so exciting i could'nt contain my self. When WP wins its way better. I think everyone can agree on that one. I really have nothing to complain about and biff at.

I missed the all state clinic and Caroline said she's not trying out for all state. So I'm the only one adutioning concert band. She told me online.

Today was my Uncle's 80th birthday. We ate at some buffet (idk why a buffet...). These people from Up north where here. It was pretty cool. But unfourtnetly I missed the all state clinic. Family > Band.

So, somebody knocked up my cuz and got her pregnit. I'm pissed about it. I found that out at the b-day get-to-gether.

I also noticed that everyone in my family plays with my hair and everyone has asked me if they could swap my hair for their's or something to that sort. Nobody at school every notices my hair. I take good care of it.

It's Cool. Even in Honor classes, I stand the top in the class. But not in my History class. It's pretty cool.

I seem to like that girl i told you about in my geo class. Eric Macaffe (wtf forget his last name) said some cold stuff about her. Cuz we were at stake n shake with Matt pedro Eric and I talking about who each other liked.

Matt told me the oppsite of what carolyn told me on how to handle that rumor about me and that freshman girl. Carolyn told me to say "shut up. It's just a rumor. Get over it". Matt told me to just crack jokes about it. Idk what i should do. Carolyn's way did'nt work. That rumor was horrible.

I have'nt played video games in such a long time. Diablo II was like crack. I sware. I have so much free time that just came from no where. So i talk on the comp and pratice my flute druing idle time. My brother and Sister are about to kick my butt if i play the all state excert one more time. Deanna was like "Dennis, I will kill you if you play that one more time". Something to that sort.

Deanna has been cool to me latley. Its tight. Bro + Sis bond time = teh rich.

woo its 2 45 in the morning.

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[25 Aug 2005|09:48pm]
So, I think I made a record. From D lot to the Band room and back in less than 7 mins.

Todays rehirsal was ok. not the best but not the worst.

Tommorow = first foot ball game aginst boone. woot!
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Nice. [23 Aug 2005|03:00pm]
Hmm my bad. he did'nt take my name off. My resorces are not that great ;).

I can't wait for all state. I'm so excited ^_^.

So there was an Axe war between bradshaw and I on the buss today. I think it killed a few people one the buss. Touch works a lot better than Axe. Haha so i smell like shit. Well a mixture of axe and touch.
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