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As I leave my journal to waste space, I say this.

You set my heart on self destruct.
Now its 321 boom.

Have you ever wonderd how it feels?
To be dead inside?

Not like a living soul cares.


So on south park, there was a guy running with a french horn. He was running away from global warming. A french horn people.

Boringssss town!

So, I'm going to north carolina for the weekend. It's gonna be soo boring with out my computer.... and with out music to listen to.... All i have is a fishing rod and a camera............. blah. Oh well.... I'm gonna see if i can find a music store in NC to see if i can find a piccolo. Or somthing mmrhmmhrhrhmmm.......plsh.

wild hair time....

So... I never found out what my hair looked like. If felt pretty wild. Now that i think of it... I will never complain about my sister doing her hair... It hurts a lot. Beauty must hurt. Sighs the things I do for band....

Other than my hair... nothing intresting about today...

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So... i reached a new octive on a root beer bottle.

My solo for solo n ensemble is called "Hamburger Sonate". Its a lvl 6 peice whith a rampage of 32 notes o.O. Its pretty fun. The name is pretty fun too. I couldn't stop cracking jokes with miss thrette about the name of the peice. Miss thrette is so cool.'

Anyways, I think I'm getting addicted on Naruto.
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